Ipsy October 2015!

Ah, ipsy. I bought into ipsy because I found Michelle Phan on youtube and liked her. She’s very helpful and warm. Also, it sounded like a really good deal—deluxe samples PLUS a make-up bag for only $10/month shipped? (Considering that I’ve paid $10-$15 for deluxe sample of UD, Tarte and Too Faced, this is a reeaaaally good deal.) At least one of the products is full sized, too!

12107853_1021886717834519_2607832679982720001_n 12141580_1021886771167847_1532606863406594874_n1506754_1021886681167856_6224880280529269728_n

This month, the glam bag was extra cute and reversible! This will be perfect through Fall and into the New Year! Also, it had some very promising samples.

  • AURORA Gel Polish
  • Ayres Hand Creme
  • Coastal Scents Wood Eyeliner Pencil
  • The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Liquid Lipstick
  • Peter Lamas Exfoliating Pumpkin Scrub

I was super excited to see the Meet Matt(e) Hughes liquid lipstick. I think almost everyone got that product this month.This has been something I’ve wanted, but could not justify the price. And, let’s be honest, who ACTUALLY goes through an entire tube of lipstick? No one. Nothing is that good, and people get bored. You need some color. I also loved the deep blue of the AURORA gel nail polish. Gel nail polish is another thing that I’ve wanted to try.

The Coastal Scents eyeliner pencil and Ayres hand crème were meh to me. The thing I was most excited to try was the Pumpkin face scrub. How foolish of me. This made me face red and hot! Even my Nature Republic Aloe vera gel and Elma & Sana Rosewater couldn’t cool my face down! Finally, I slapped on a My Beauty Diary Mexican Cactus sheet mask (after another redditor kindly reminded me of how amazing they are) and my face started to calm down. It’s still not back to where it was, though… Another redditor had this same issue, so if your skin some sensitivity, I would stay away from this. Even if your skin is not sensitive, I would patch test. I severely regret not doing it. I can say that the scrub smelled good enough to eat.

I will probably keep the Ayres hand crème for when I go out of town. The Coastal Scents was swatched on my hand, and it will probably sit in my drawer until the next time I clean it out. It wasn’t a bad pencil, I just don’t see myself using it (Coastal Scents can blame Clio and HolikaHolika—those two are now my go-to eyeliners).

Ipsy has always been hit or miss for me. They used to send me a lot of skincare samples, when I wasn’t really into them. I appreciate them more now. They also have a terrible habit of sending me hand cremes, of which I already have too many! Some of the bags are kind of ugly, and I end up giving them to my daughter. I have received some great things from them before, such as an Urban Decay 24/7 liner and a POP Beauty bronzer, as well as a few good nail colors.

I rejoined so I would have something steady to post for the blog, and some more cute makeup bags (I also use them to give gifts. I end up with looooots of samples and like to give them away). However, after that terrible face scrub, if my next box has anything that makes me break out, I’m cancelling and I’m going to get something nicer.

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