HG Alert: HolikaHolika Jewel Lights Waterproof Eyeliner Review!

Disclaimer: This is my fifth post, do you really think anyone sent me stuff for free yet? Nope, paid for by yours truly. This is my honest opinion about every product featured in this post.

HolikaHolika Jewel lights Waterproof Eyeliner

I could write sonnets about you. Well, probably not sonnets. I’m not that good. A haiku or limerick, definitely. (Jewel lights eyeliner, never be discontinued, I am so obsessed.)

These eyeliners are just… ugh. I can’t even. Someone get me a PSL, because I literally can’t even.

Okay, I’m good. I really love these liners. In general, I love eye makeup (even though palettes are expensive!). I’m particular, though. I prefer gel liners, and not the ones in the pots. Pencils are okay, as long as they’re smooth, and liquid liner is a huge turn off. My eyesight is poor, and I don’t have contacts, so I can’t commit to precision.

Here are the liners and swatches! Sorry in advance for any poor picture quality. They were taken with my Kindle Fire tablet.

hh jl eyes4hh jl eyes5

Right now, I have: 08 Pink Topaz, 09 14K Gold, 03 Lapis Lazuli, 14 Mystic Blue, 12 Olive Jade, 06 Olive Peridot, 16 Black Plum and 10 Choco Citrine. Swatches below in that order, right to left. Also, the actual liners, not in that order.

On reviews and /r/AsianBeauty, I’ve compared them to Julep and Cynthia Rowley, due to the high quality, the pigmentation, and the ease of use. The color selection for the Jewel lights is much better—Cynthia Rowley only had 3 different colors when I made my purchase last year, and Julep has about a dozen, and they’re mostly neutrals. There are currently 18 shades of the Jewel lights. Right now, I’m waiting on 1 more shade from a group haul on Jolse (13 Poison Red) and 1 from a swap on /r/AsianBeautyExchange (1 Carat Diamond). Every single shade (except 01 Black Gem) is on my wishlist.

Here are some images of how I wear the Mystic Blue (with tightlining and undereye liner):

hh jl eyes3hh jl eyeshh jl eyes6hh jl eyes2

Other products used: Clio Kill Black pen, Innisfree Waterproof Skinny Microcara, HolikaHolika Magic Pole Mascara, Rimmel London Scandal Eyes crayon, Etude House Bling Bling Eyestick.

Face products: Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur, Etude House Baby Choux base (mint choux), Tonymoly BCDation (still testing), Skinfood Salmon undereye concealer, Etude House brow pencil, Too Cool for School Dinoplatz Cushion blusher, and Urban Decay Matte Revolution lipstick (bittersweet).

They’re waterproof and last all day, but they aren’t hard to wash off. I used Innisfree Apple juicy Lip and Eye remover on my wrist. Everything came off. I also use it on my eyelids and I never have a problem.

Price-wise, they’re about $3.75 on Tester Korea, and around $3.50 on RoseRoseShop. The price varies on Amazon, but about $5.98 to $6.98 Prime. Nearly every AB-e-tailer I’ve checked out carries them, but the selection widely varies between shops.

I really can’t recommend these liners more highly. The next Jewel lights I want are Purple Amethyst, Burgundy Garnet and Ballerina Pink. The only complaint I have is that Purple Amethyst and Burgundy Garnet are sold out almost everywhere.

What are your Holy Grail eyeliners?

I’m also active on /r/AsianBeauty as aleebsi!

3 thoughts on “HG Alert: HolikaHolika Jewel Lights Waterproof Eyeliner Review!

  1. you write a positive review but the photos of the product applied look awful. it looks like it dragged across your lids and left skipping marks, or it didnt blend well


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